Sashimi Group Ltd  

Sustainable Aquaculture and Seafood Processing Technology.

Sashimi Group is an aquaculture consulting partnership formed in 2012.

The company has a diverse network of colleagues, partners and friends with expertise in most areas of aquaculture. We use this network to assist aquaculture developers and farmers in the SE Asian and Australasian region.

The company consults in temperate and tropical aquaculture and seafood processing including value add processing. Current projects are based in Australia and SE Asia and clients include Tassal (AU), Petuna Aquaculture (AU), Huon Aquaculture (AU) and AquaDynamic Solutions (Malaysia).

We have significant experience working with State and Federal Governments in Australasia in most areas of aquaculture.

Sashimi Group works with AquaDynamic Solutions (Malaysia) on EIS/EIA projects in Australasia. With this company we offer cutting edge hydrodynamic and ecological modelling capabilities that streamline EIS/EIA programs and new water space applications. Sustainable limits can be determined and environmental triggers identified.

We can supply competitive quotes for environmental monitoring programs anywhere in SE Asia and Australasia and can provide advice on seafood processing technology from best solutions, sourcing right through to hands on set-up and training for specialist value add applications.

Environmental and sustainability certifications in aquaculture, especially Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA - BAP) covering production and processing - our speciality.

Other areas where we may be able to assist you are project design, facility design, construction project management, feasibility study, financial modelling, technical due diligence, staff sourcing, R&D program planning/management, obtaining Government and International grants and problem solving in production bottlenecks.

If you are looking for the best place in Asia/Australasia to start an aquaculture development - please talk to us.

We have a diverse network of experts who can help you achieve your goals in the least painless way.



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